HubSpot X ValueFirst SMS


ValueFirst developed a marketplace application to cater those customers who’re using HubSpot and using ValueFirst SMS to send messages to their customers.

Key Features

  • Multiple account of SMS
  • Facility to manage SMS templates.
  • WhatsApp templates can be fetched with a single click.
  • You can send SMS from Contact, Companies, Deal and Ticket modules.
  • Bulk and single message send facility, also you can send trigger-based notification using HubSpot Workflows.
  • Delivery report is available for SMS in Contact Activity.


  • XML account for SMS
  • IP whitelisting against XML account at ValueFirst side.


  • The first step to start the integration process is to authorize your HubSpot Portal. Please contact , we will send you an invite link.
  • Once you signup & authorize your HubSpot Portal, configure SMS account using Username and Password.

Authorize HubSpot Portal: Login Via HubSpot

Add SMS Account

In the “SMS Configurations” -> Click on Add New Configuration button.

Add Sender ID:

In the “SMS Sender Id” -> Click on Add New Sender Id button and map sender id with created account.

Add SMS Templates in the “SMS Templates” -> Click on Add New Template button and map with SMS configuration.

Add Variables

In the “SMS Templates” -> Click on the Available Variable options to insert values against variables. Simply remove the .* select the Module and select the required field name.

Send SMS

Go inside the contact or respective module, click on “Send SMS” button from Contacts, Companies, Deal and Ticket module. You can choose templates here.

For bulk SMS Login to Portal select the list of Contacts from “Message Sender”, choose template and click on send.

SMS Report

All messages get synced on respective contact timelines on HubSpot as separate entries

Setup HubSpot Workflow for SMS Channel

Under Automation -> Workflow, choose Send SMS. You can choose template and click save: