Leadsquared x ValueFirst WhatsApp


ValueFirst developed a wrapper to cater to those customers who are using Leadsquared CRM and using ValueFirst WhatsApp API to send messages to their customers.

Step 1 – Leadsquared WhatsApp Client Configuration

  1. Install “WhatsApp Business” from Leadsquared app marketplace.
  2. After installation, click on ‘Configure’ to setup WhatsApp account. (ref. Screen 1.0)

    (Screen 1.0)
  3. Click on “Add Number” and screen 2.0 will open, now add mentioned details in it.

    (Screen 2.0)
  4. After adding the above details click on ‘Next’ button and select “ValueFirst” shown on “Screen 3.0” and click on ‘Next’ button.

    (Screen 3.0)
  5. In “Screen 4.0” LSQ admin has to fill WhatsApp API credentials provided by the ValueFirst and click on ‘Next’ button to move forward.

    Username – provided by the ValueFirst Team
    Password – provided by the ValueFirst Team

    (Screen 4.0)
  6. In “Converse Settings” page no action needed, just click on ‘Next’ button to proceed further.
  7. In “Advanced Settings” page few more details will be filled in by the LSQ admin to complete the configuration. (ref. Screen 5.0)
    • Activity Mapping – This is a dropdown field where admin will select “WhatsApp Message”.
    • Default WhatsApp Number Fields – This is a dropdown field where multiple value are there. Admin can select “mobile number or phone number” where WhatsApp messages will be sent.
    • Default Country Code – Here India country code will be selected.
    • Enable Rich Media Template Support – Enable this field.
    • Compliance Type – Opt-Out or Opt-in select one option.
    • WhatsApp Opt-Out – According to the above selection, a value will be selected from the drop down field.

    Now click on “Save & Close” button, after authentication configuration will be saved.

    (Screen 5.0)

Step 2 – Adding WhatsApp Templates in Leadsquared

  1. Go to Apps-> WhatsApp Templates from the top menu.
  2. Click on “Add Template”, Screen 6.1 will open where admin can input the following details to add the template
    • Name: Admin can add the template name and it must be in small letters with no space. (ref. Screen 6.1)
    • Namespace: Here ValueFirst template ID will be filled. (ref. Screen 6.1)
    • Language: Here template language will be entered. (ref. Screen 6.1)
    • Content – Here template text will be entered. To indicate the variables, insert {{1}}, {{2}} and {{3}} and all variables can be input the LSQ platform. (ref. Screen 6.1)
    • Media Template – Here media type will be selected to upload the media within the template. (ref. Screen 6.1)
    • Select Attachment Type – Here static and dynamic values will be selected to upload static and dynamic content. (ref. Screen 6.2)
    • Document Details – Here URL will be entered, or admin can upload the file and can create the URL. (ref. Screen 6.2)
  3. After adding all the details admin will save the template.

    (Screen 6.1)

    (Screen 6.2)

Step 3 – Last Step to Setup ValueFirst Wrapper

  1. Open https://vfplugin.com in browser
  2. Login with same Username and Password which was provided by the ValueFirst team. (Pls note login in https://vfplugin.com after doing setup in LSQ) (ref. Screen 7.0)
  3. After login enter WhatsApp no., Username and Password and authenticate by pressing ‘Authenticate’ button. A message will be displayed which will show “Successfully authenticated ValueFirst account” (ref. Screen 8.0)

    (Screen 7.0)

    (Screen 8.0)
  4. After successful authentication copy “Webhook URL” and send to ValueFirst account manager for Inbound message configuration. (ref. screen 8.0)