Microsoft Dynamics 365 x ValueFirst (SMS & WhatsApp)


  1. User needs the Customer Insights Journey enabled for their Dynamics 365.
  2. User need to subscribe for a ValueFirst account.
  3. Templates need to be approved before configuring.
  4. Outbound marketing needs to be enabled in the Customer Insights - Journeys application.
    • Customer Insights - Journeys -> Real-time Journeys -> Settings -> Enable Outbound Marketing

Step 1: Go to the Microsoft app source and search for the application “ValueFirst Business Messaging” to be able to see the application.

Step 2: Click on “Get it now” button it will re-direct to the installation page, user need to select the environment to Install once the environment is selected agree terms and privacy and click on the install button.

Step 3: After installation of the application, it will get displayed in the Customer Insights environment.

Step 4: Select ValueFirst Messaging under the published apps section and you will be redirected to the ValueFirst messaging application.

Step 5: Click on the WhatsApp Configurations under the ValueFirst WhatsApp group and click on the “Give admin consent” button to authorize the ValueFirst Messaging application.

Step 6: After given admin consent add WhatsApp business details by clicking on New button in the WhatsApp configurations page. (You can add multiple WhatsApp business numbers).

Step 7: After adding WhatsApp business details go to the WhatsApp templates to add the approved templates based on the WhatsApp business.
Supported Templates:

  1. Text
  2. Text with dynamic placeholder (i.e. contact fields)
  3. Media Messages (Image, Document, Video)
  4. Button Messages (CTA, Dynamic)

Step 8: After the template configuration is done successfully you can now trigger a campaign under customer journeys.

  1. New Customer journey
  2. Select Audience
  3. Select the Custom Channel in the add action menu.
  4. Select the ValueFirst SMS / ValueFirst WhatsApp custom channel and respective templates in the right-side panel.
  5. Save the campaign and Go Live.
  6. The campaign will be executed, and the activities will be stored in WhatsApp activities / SMS activities.

Step 9: Same steps will be followed for Sending SMS also.

Step 10: User able to send single message both SMS and WhatsApp for the customers, click on the (+) button in the top bar and select SMS Activities to send SMS or WhatsApp activities to send WhatsApp message.

Step 11: A popup will be displayed. The user needs to select the template and the contact and click on Save & close button, the message will be processed, and activities will be added.