Shopify x ValueFirst SMS

  • Shopify is an incredibly user-friendly e-commerce platform that empowers small businesses to effortlessly build their own online store and effectively sell their products or services through a streamlined and convenient dashboard.
  • With Shopify, merchants can create a cutting-edge online store, enabling them to seamlessly sell their products not only on social media platforms and popular marketplaces but also on various blogs, websites, and even through communication channels like email, text, and chat.

How to create a Shopify partner account:

Create your partner account here:

How to Search and Install/Map our SMS App:

  • Click on Apps link, at the left.
  • Click on Apps from search menu and enter “ValueFirst” keyword and search the app.
  • Add the application and install it.

Install the application

Login to the platform:

How to do API configuration for XML/Indian user:

XML users don’t need to add any API detail on API configuration page. All will be automatically fetched.

Add Template for XML/Indian user:

Click on Template link and click on ‘+’ icon to add template.

Users can add Sender ID while template creation.

SMS Template

Users can add and edit any template from SMS template link.

API configuration for ME user:

  • Login into the app
  • Click on the Setting tab
  • Save Sender ID on API Configuration

Add Template for ME user:

Adding Variables to the template:

Click on Sent Message link to see all sent messages: